Repairing the Wiring in a Guitar With F-Holes

Not long ago, the bridge pickup on just one of my beloved guitars stopped working. The guitar is a Yamaha semi-hollow body electric guitar in the fashion of a Gibson 335.

On visual inspection of the wires by the f-gap, I promptly discovered that a solitary wire had damaged off at the point the place it was soldered to the volume pot. Less than standard conditions this would have been a snap to fix, but the trouble in operating on this style of guitar is that the only way to obtain the wiring is by way of the f-gap. There is no again obtain panel that can make it easy to get at the guts of the guitar, like there is on a Les Paul.

I like to do my have guitar repair service and set up. I loathe paying folks to factors I can do myself, I like to do them my way, and I get a excellent deal of satisfaction from a prosperous Guitar Amp Repair repair. So I was determined to work this just one out for myself.

So, immediately after grabbing the dental floss from the drugs cabinet, I took the guitar out to my garage workshop and got to work. I laid the guitar on its again on some carpet remnants on my workbench, and eradicated the strings. It was time for a new set anyhow.

Then I removed the knobs. A person by 1 I loosened the nuts that tighten the pots to the guitar human body and tied a piece of dental floss to the posts. I created positive each and every piece of floss was about three toes extended. I did the same with the swap and the enter jack.

As soon as this was performed, I removed the select guard, due to the fact it coated a large section of the f-gap. Then I fully taken off the nuts on the pots, change and enter jack, and very very carefully pulled the overall assembly out of the guitar by way of the f-gap.

When the harness was removed I grabbed roll of masking tape and taped the floss to the guitar entire body at the holes. This was to be certain that the ends of the floss would not go into the guitar, creating it even extra difficult to get the wiring assembly back again into the guitar.

Then I fired up my soldering iron and preset the broken link. Although I was at it I considered it would be a superior concept to check all the other connections to make sure they had been strong. I did not want to have to do this yet again.

Then it was time to examination my function. I plugged the guitar into the smaller practice amp I maintain on my workbench, and then I checked just about every pickup and each and every place of the swap by tapping the pickup pole parts with a screwdriver.

Pleased that all the things was working correct, I unplugged the guitar and really diligently slid the whole assembly again into the guitar via the f-hole. Then I pulled on the floss, starting up with the enter jack which was the farthest absent from the f-hole, to get just about every ingredient back again in position. I put the nut on each and every element as once it was in place, and when they were being tight, I plugged the guitar back again into the amp to take a look at again.

I must acknowledge, I held my breath at this position, due to the fact I definitely did not want to acquire all the things out again! But the good thing is everything labored correct. I removed the floss, place the knobs again on and I was finished.