6 stones to consider as your engagement ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and there is no doubt that the power of diamonds and their sparkling glow have kept them at the forefront of engagement ring sales for years. In fact, however, there are many other engagement ring stones that can be used as a beautiful decoration for the ring of your choice. Considering any Stones with a high Mohs rating indicates that they have a strong hardness, which means they are less likely to break due to wear.

1. Sapphire

Sapphires come in many colors, but what they have in common is that they are highly durable, with a Mohs score of 9.0. They are unlikely to chip, and they come in every color from blue to orange. You can choose a sparkling gem that fits with the color scheme you prefer in a ring. Technically, white sapphires do exist—if you are hoping for a good substitute for a traditional diamond. Given the options of peach, pink, and green, why not let your sapphire express your personality in color?


A pair of teardrop-shaped orange sapphires decorate my engagement ring, and I’m constantly receiving compliments on how unique they look. If you prefer, you can aim for a “red sapphire,” but they are usually known by their more common name—rubies. Rubies are the same stone composition as sapphires, but the red hue gives them a special name.

2. Amethyst

Amethysts are an interesting stone of a brilliant purple or lilac color. They are bright, glittery stones, and they are usually quite inexpensive. You can use an amethyst ring to design something beautiful for a reasonable price. On the other hand, you can adorn the stone with a fancier material than otherwise would be normally affordable. It looks beautiful when it is set in rose gold or accompanied by other small gemstones.


These stones can be cut into much larger final gems than a diamond, which would be extremely expensive by comparison. If you want people to see your engagement ring from across the room, an amethyst is one way to make an impressive statement.

3. Topaz

Topaz is another stone that comes in many color varieties, depending on where it was developed and what chemicals or impurities it was exposed to when it was forming as a stone. However, one quality that makes topaz stand out is that it tends to be a stone with unusually good clarity. It has a great sparkle when the sun shines on it. One of the qualities that makes these gemstones so popular is that they can be polished into dazzling little reflectors of light. If what captivates you about diamonds is the sparkling facets and their transparent quality and beauty, consider topaz as an alternate stone.


4. Emerald

A hard stone with a striking deep green hue, these stones are often featured in antique rings. If you have a little bohemian flair, or you like the deco style of the 1920s, consider a ring that features an emerald. The dark green color goes well with a vintage wedding dress, so choosing an emerald might be the perfect antique ring choice. Emeralds are very durable but they should be examined carefully. Some emeralds have imperfections that make them more susceptible to chipping, so talk with a jeweler before you choose a particular emerald for the ring you want to wear forever.


5-6.Sunstones and Moonstones

Sunstones and Moonstones are both semi-precious stones rather than true precious stones, but the shimmer and shine within makes them great unconventional choices. Softer than most popular gemstones, they are resistant to chips and cracks if you take care of them. Moonstones are an especially nice option if you enjoy two other choices, pearls and opals. Both pearls and opals are more expensive and less durable than sunstones and moonstones.

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What these two stones have in common is that they tend to have non-uniform surfaces and a varied color palette inside the stone, including cloudy elements. While not the usual characteristics of a sparkly gem, these stones reveal hidden depths of color and detail, which can make each of these rings truly unique.

Diamonds may be popular, but having a ring that you personally like, which expresses your own story and personality, is a great way to express yourself with an engagement ring. You’ll be wearing this ring for years to come. What suits you and makes you smile is more important than whether it’s a traditional diamond ring.