Where to Find Spanking Partners

My buddies often ask me about finding spanking partners. There is actually an extremely clever little method.

You might think you should need to join a fetish internet dating site to find like-minded lovers. Although this is not strictly wrong, there is a much better route to take. You see, the trouble with fetish dating services is they cost a lot of money – in my experience, anyway. They also tend to have very few members, which can be a real problem if, like me, you live beyond a major town or city.

The answer – with a twist, though – is a general dating community; one with a big list of members.

What you need to do is join a famous dating service that has several million members. There are at least ten websites like this available to us. Once you have made your profile – just like you would make a Facebook or myself profile – you can do a search – which is where to find spanking partners effortlessly.

The benefit of choose a big general dating community, compared to a niche spanking personals site, is you get access to millions of people, you are able to usually join without spending any money, and you may put in clever searches to find people with a spanking fetish.

So when one does your search for local people, simply include the criteria that you only want to see outcomes of people who like spanking. Some dating services will actually have a box you are able to tick of people who like this fetish; others will have a keyword industry where you can type in words that are available on profiles, giving you a list of local people that have written that word or phrase.
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In this way you will almost always get yourself a big list of local people who share your love to spank or to get spanked.