Making Perfect Advertising Hoardings

The site hoardings you see running around new advancements nowadays present businesses with an ideal opportunity for demonstrating the power of great style, as long as the hoarding structure is definitely well-prepared and built to last.

Advertising hoardings will potentially be on display for months with thousands of prospective customers passing by and the power of a great hoarding design complementing the scheme is not to be underestimated. It really is worth spending time when designing a site hoarding as this is normally the largest piece of marketing and advertising material you will produce during a marketing campaign. Your audience consists of busy passers-by. They will not stand and read a long essay about the product you are selling, so use short snappy copy broken up with great attention-grabbing imagery. Large images or illustrations are a great way of drawing attention to the website.

Innovative designers and their screen specialist partners are now taking advantage of growing technologies such as LED lighting and interactive screens to produce advertising hoardings that reach out and grab someones attention. Remember that you can also break out above the hoarding with the ability to add cut right out shapes or even producing special panels like vacuum formed panelling, natural surfaces like timber or even using grass.

Advertising hoardings have traditionally been produced using materials like marine ply. Paint was put on the surface and then vinyl lettering and sign panels fixed over that.
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Many problems came from this process, such as for example vandalism, poorly prepared surfaces and an inability to apply vinyl during cold weather. However with the emergence of direct to substrate printers and cheaper aluminum composite materials like Dibond it is now possible to print directly to sheets and fix them to a hoarding framework all year round. This process not only produces a superior finish and allows sites to be decorated a lot more quickly but it also allow for quick replacement of entire panels. The printed panels can even be applied with anti-graffiti films to reduce vandalism.

From a recycling viewpoint, panels can now be recycled and reused and materials are emerging which are themselves fully recycled. Printers are increasingly reducing their impact upon the environment with solvent free latex inks making big inroads into the sign making industry.

A good display specialist, sign maker or large format printer can fix any aspect of advertising hoardings through planning, through design and publishing, to installation. They should help you through the entire process and point out any risks that only they will have the experience to understand. Using a display specialist with an established track record and a good portfolio of working with well known brand names or creative designers is advisable. They should also be in a position to demonstrate a valid health and safety certification and relevant insurance.

New developments often take place in exposed, and sometimes remote, spots and the resulting implications from wind damage are huge, including structural damage and loss, with possible injuries to members of the public. Periodic preservation addressing structural integrity, as well as plastic appearance, is, therefore , a vital for any company seeking to achieve creative impact in the safest and most responsible means.

Sites are expected to run all prospective advertising hoarding details past the short-term works engineer to ensure that the final standards matches the location. Check with your show specialist as they should provide you with a hoarding specification which will help any hoarding contractors develop a perfect canvas on which to display an excellent advertising hoarding campaign.

William Tyler is the CEO of Octink, the award-winning display specialist. Octink is located in Brentford, London in the UK and supplies marketing environments, event branding together with sign services from design and production, through to installation and job management.